Custom woodwork and Murphy Wallbeds
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Key features of a Heritage Wall bed

  • The bed accepts up to 12″ worth of mattress and bedding.
  • Has a flip down head board which has the main function of keeping pillows from sliding over the end.
  • The mattress sits only an inch below the side rails so that making the bed is very easy. Contrast this to other beds, where you must reach deep in between the rails and mattress with your hands to make the bed.
  • The top of the mattress sits 25″ above the floor so it is very comfortable to get in and out of bed.
  • The bed legs are custom made exclusively for Heritage Wall Beds.They flip over simultaneously, with single handed operation.
  • The cabinet comes with a back panel as a standard offering.

Function first, Designed to be beds

Box Frame Construction:

The mattress platform is built as a box spring. It is made of dense, very strong, Baltic birch plywood for the outer side and end rails. (Baltic birch plywood has twice as many laminations as standard plywood) Between the side rails are solid lumber stretchers. The stretcher lumber is hand selected to ensure the grain of the wood is oriented to be most structurally advantageous – perpendicular to the load. The doors or face panels on all Heritage wall beds are strictly decorative.

Comparing a Heritage Bed mattress platform to other makes of beds, you see that the others rely on the structural integrity of particleboard or mdf face panels to carry the load of the mattress and the bed’s occupants. This makes for a rather mushy feel to the mattress and is relying on these structurally weak materials to carry the load transversely across the door panel. It’s like making a bridge out of particle board. To correct the weak nature of the particle board they run metal bars under the mattress, which force the mattress to bump over the metal.



  • The dimensions of the bed are 18.5″ x 66 ( 67.5 ” at the base) wide x 89.5″ high The extended protrusion of the bed is 94″


  • The base of the bed cabinet is solid wood as are the mattress supports and the crown moulding. The doors are a combination of plywood and solid wood.
  • The material for the cabinet is veneered particle core board (P.C.), which is industry standard, or you can special order Veneer core plywood (VC) for the cabinet.
  • The spring mechanism is from Germany
  • The standard finish is usually a stain of your choice, sealed and top coated with 3 coats of lacquer. The box frame and legs are finished in rich brownish black stain and lacquered.


    • Including installation for pine P.C. in the 613 area code region is between 2800.00 and 3600.00. +hst
    • Pine is the lowest base price material to use, and is by far the most popular too
    • Cherry is second most popular
    • A 40% down payment is required prior to construction.
    • Each wall bed is custom built one at a time and requires 4–6 weeks to be delivered.
    • Installation costs vary depending on the site and location.
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